December 07, 2005

#6 - Michele Calls it "Our Crack Trailer."

Michele has seen the photos. . .but I'm not eager for her to see the trailer in person. It's hard for her to imagine it will ever be as nice as I promise it will be. Frankly, it's hard for me to imagine it.

Michele's a good sport and puts up with a lot, but even she has her limits. To win her approval for this hair-brained project, I made five promises. Here they are, ranked from least important to most important:
  1. The Caravanner would be gorgeous inside and out when finished.
  2. It would have all new systems and appliances so it would be comfortable and hassle free.
  3. She'd never have to deal with the sanitation side of things.
  4. It would not be parked in the driveway until polished.
  5. I'd pace the work over at least a year so the financial drain would be less disrupting (she wasn't smiling when she said this).