March 24, 2006

#13 - More Shopping

Through sheer luck, I came across this Humphrey Opalite No.3 (or 3T) interior gas lamp on eBay. This is a great find because this style has been out of production for years and was original to 1956 Airstreams. I see them a lot on eBay, but always used and with parts missing. This one's in brand new condition with all the original stuff in the original box. My 1970 Wally Byam Stores catalog shows it along with two other later styles of Humphrey lamps. Here's the description for the Opalite version:
Popular model and used in thousands of travel trailers. For beauty, efficiency and durability at modest cost. Dual outlets for easy installation, and once it's up, there's nothing to rust or corrode. Comes in copper, brass or aluminum finish to suit any decor. Half-frosted Pyrex globe, hi-temp ceramic burner nose and Humphrey tie-on mantle included.
When you're boondocking and want to save your batteries, having a propane lamp is a big help. Remember, that one 12w light bulb in a 12v system draws 1 amp from your batteries. Humphrey was purchased by Paulin and still makes a style of gas lamp that you can use in your vintage trailer.

Humphrey Opalite No.3 Gas Lamp (Price Delivered: $51.86)

The only thing that isn't perfect with this one is that the included pre-formed "hard" mantle turned to dust. That's okay, because hard mantles aren't used in travel trailers. They don't hold up to road vibration, so you need to buy soft tie-on beret type mantles.