March 26, 2006

#14 - A Wet Bath

Rusty & Wendy Fordham just sent me an email telling me about their very nice original 1956 Flying Cloud Custom. The serial number is O 3402. RJ Dial has some great photos of it in his archives. It's the second trailer on the page. It looks more like a Caravanner to me, but that's typical of the inconsistencies in the early- to mid-50s.

There's a great photo of the trailer's wet bath. Wet baths were prevalent in Airstreams of that era. I'd like to create one in my trailer, although my original layout was for a side shower/closet and a rear center toilet hidden in a cabinet (see post #3). Wet baths are a great use of space. Very compact, but they get the job done. To take a shower, just pull a shower curtain in front of the door.

Rusty & Wendy's 1956 Wet Bath