November 30, 2005

#3 - Interior "Before" Photos

Step Inside

This is not garbage; its parts (except that orange cooler).

Peeling Paint, Ripped Curtains, Faux Brick

Looking Out the Front Window

Sconces, Probably Circa 1960s

A Shower...With Curtain Included

It Came With Linens

A Bird Nest in an Overhead Bin

Just a Few of the Dozens of Wasp Nests...These in Overhead Vent Screens

New Mahagony Cabinet Faces Circa 1970

Lovely Curtains

Hideaway Toilet in Rear of Trailer

November 29, 2005

#2 - Exterior "Before" Photos

Street Side Windows Broken & Bent

Half a Jalousie Window

Missing Curb Side Utility Door & Serious Bulge Above Tire

Extensive Floor Rot Hidden By Belly Pan

Dent and Riveted Street Side Tear

Broken Door Lock & 1960s-Style Grab Handle

Front Window & Broken Green Rock Guard

Rear End & Duct Tape

Dent in Front Top & Odd Awning Storage Box

Back Top Dent

I Dare You To Step Inside...

November 28, 2005

#1 - How It All Started

It started back in August when I got an email from a guy with an Airstream to sell...
Hi Steve, I am a friend of Gerry's. I have a 1956 Caravanner that needs total restoration. He told me you might be interested in it. Let me know if you are and if so, how much something like this is worth. - Cliff
No photos were attached.

I wasn't actually looking for a trailer; I was "between Airstreams" and kind of liking it. My company, Vintage Trailer Supply was growing and the last thing I had time or money for was a restoration project. On the other hand, I was getting ribbed by my friends who wondered why the guy with the vintage trailer parts business hadn't owned a working camper in more than a year.

I had always wanted a '56, and a 22-foot Caravanner was just the right size for me and my wife, Michele.

I asked for photos...