July 29, 2006

#18 - Work Begins!

Back in December (Post #7), I said we'd start work on the Caravanner in the late winter or early spring. We're a little behind schedule, but today Colin's staff started the rebuild. The first few days of work are demolition. We have to get a good look at the steel chassis frame to know where to start the restoration, so Colin's crew has to remove the floor.

Everything near the floor is coming out of the inside. And almost everything is going in the dumpster. I wish we could save and re-use cabinets or something, but it's all bad. The only thing we'll save from the inside are the aluminum overhead lockers.

Santos got to do most of the dirty work. He removed the appliances, plumbing, exposed electrical, various vents, base cabinets, and lots of miscellaneous relics...

Santos Removing Cabinets

Black Tank Mess in Rear Center

Fuse Panel with 8 Circuits

Partially Gutted

Faux Brick Must Go

Vintage Aluminum Polish Found in the Rubble

A Black Power Pick! This One's A Keeper.

Giant Exhaust Duct

Hey! Something Worth Saving: A Nice Galvanized Wheel Well